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Baby Girl Series

Author Scott Hildreth

Baby Girl Book 1 Scott Hildreth

Publication Date: August 24th 2013

Erotic Romance

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Book 1

Baby Girl

babygirl tease book 1


Erik does not believe in love and he doesn’t live in a mansion – he rides a motorcycle in a MC. He does not have an airplane. Erik is extremely confident, real, and knows what he wants. He wants a woman to submit; with no commitment for love. Erik will settle for nothing less than owning Kelli.

 When these two begin to spend time together, things begin to change; personalities, interests, and the need for affection. What happens is something that must be experienced by the reader. This book is, again, not watered down. This book has tremendous depth to those that are looking to find it. It will, upon completion, allow you into the minds, hearts, and heads of people as they develop a D/s relationship.
 Again, if you have always wondered about what a Dominant/submissive relationship is all about – less the airplanes, mansions, and billions, read Baby Girl. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s got the hottest, steamiest real sex you can imagine.
babygirl tease book 1A
Can a love so strong that it can’t be broken develop between two people that don’t believe in love? What if the relationship is a Dominant/submissive one? This series is real, raw, and different than anything you’ll ever read. Read what develops between these two, and you’ll believe again. Prepare to be ruined from ever being satisfied by another erotica series.Erik Ead is the mid thirty something ever elusive bachelor. He suffered the loss of his father at a very young age and then his mother during a turning point as an adult. Both losses combined altered his emotional state of commitment.

Erik only seeks partners who are willing to be his submissive with no emotional attachment.

“Dominance, once experienced in a relationship, ruined any chance of me being satisfied in a non-dominant role.”

Kelli is the young twenty something college graduate. She is home for the summer working at her father’s car dealership. Just like Erik, Kelli also suffer the loss of a parent at a young age. Whereby, leaving her father to raise her all on his own. Kelli is missing something from her life that she didn’t realize until she found Erik.

Erik and Kelli’s relationship evolves but on unconventional terms. They each have needs that the other can fulfill. There are no hearts and flowers in this book, but what you will find are heart-felt struggles as two people come to terms with their meaning of love and commitment.

The first in a series of four books that is easily enjoyed as a stand alone.

Book Trailer

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Book 2 Baby Girl Book 2 Scott Hildreth
Publication Date: October 31st 2013
 In this book, the second of three, we see the exposure of these two characters, as well as the other characters of Book I, to life…
 This Book is different than Book I in that it is more of the living, and less ‘thinking’.
 Someone steals from the motorcycle club, and Erik begins to question loyalties, life, trust, and his exposure to people – the few he lets in his in his life.
 These questions leave him seeking answers. Kelli sees changes in Erik and takes advantage of her opportunity.
 This is what everyone wished for in Book I and did not get to read. Erik and Kelli ‘doing’, and less ‘thinking’.
 Prepare for a ride like no other, this book takes us on a journey through the lives of many, primarily Erik and Kelli.

babygirl tease book 2

Erik Ead is Dominant. Kelli Park is submissive. Erik rides in a motorcycle Club. Kelli works at a BMW dealership. An unconventional relationship begins to develop that requires Kelli to be sexually submissive to the Dominant Erik. Erik is unforgiving when it comes to sex.

This book defines Dominance and submission as it happens in life.

If you’ve ever wondered what the lifestyle is really like, the Baby Girl series will clearly define it for you. Upon completion, you will know if you’re submissive or if you merely have a burning desire.

This series is not for the meek. Book II in a series of four can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone.

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Book 2.5

Baby Girl Book 2.5 Scott Hildreth

Publication Date:

November 6th 2013 by Scott Hildreth Books (first published October 30th 2013)


(Read between Books 2 & 3)

babygirl tease book 3A


Everyone has a past, and Erik Ead is no exception. This book is about Erik’s sexual past. Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik’s diary. Erik now sits at the fireplace contemplating his past, present love for Kelli, and where his relationship with Kelli will be headed in the future. Erik’s diary has been a place for him to compile all of his information regarding sexual experiences from the beginning.

babygirl teaser

Everyone has a past, and Erik Ead is no exception. This book is about Erik’s sexual past.
Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik’s diary. Erik now sits at the fireplace contemplating his past, present love for Kelli, and where his relationship with Kelli will be headed in the future.

Erik’s diary has been a place for him to compile all of his information regarding sexual experiences from the beginning.

**This supplement is a novella intended to be read between book 2 and book 3.**

Be forewarned, this book is full of sex from Erik’s past.

Baby Girl, by Amazon #1 Best Selling male Erotica author Scot Hildreth

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Book 3

Baby Girl Book 3 Scott Hildreth

Publication Date: December 6th 2013 by Scott Hildreth Books


Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores. He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely.

 Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please.
 In this last of the four book series, Kelli’s father becomes ill. Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and how to handle the loss of the only parent between them.
 As the book progresses, so do they. Their true colors begin to show, and they become more of what each other may not necessarily expect. What they do become is real.

baby girl full size teaser

A Dominant/submissive relationship that defines love? Yes. This book will cause you to second guess the content of whatever relationship you may currently have.

Erik is a psychiatrist and rides in an MC. Kelli is a college graduate. Kelli and Erik are attempting to have a loving Dominant/submissive relationship. One that is real, raw, and includes love.

Kelli is a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores. He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely.

Erik is a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please.

In this book about the development of a loving, caring, meaningful Dominant submissive relationship, Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and how to handle the loss of the only parent between them.

As the book progresses, so do they. Their true colors begin to show, and they become more of what each other may not necessarily expect.

What they do become is real. This book is as loving, caring, and romantic as you’ll ever see an erotica become. It will leave you in tears.

Good tears.

And have you second guessing your relationship, love, and life.

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Other Novels by Author Scott Hildreth

Broken People by Scott Hildreth

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Scott Hildreth Alphabet

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Be on the Lookout for Hildreth’s Upcoming Novel, Undefeated

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About the Author

Scott Hildreth image

I have somewhat of an old school approach to life. I enjoy listening to music, riding motorcycles, talking to people, reading, and writing. I do not watch television or drink alcohol. The majority of my time is spend researching materials or interviewing people regarding what I am writing about. My preference is writing a story that makes an impact on the reader. An impact that causes them to sit and think when they are finished with the book. To have someone finish a book and say, “Great book…” is fantastic. To have someone finish a book and say, “This book made such an impact on me that I immediately read it again, it changed my life..” is what I strive for. My novel, Broken People, is just that book.

I will never forget the first time I actually felt as if I had helped someone resolve an issue in their life. I was in middle school. It started then, and has continued throughout my entire life. I have always made myself available to talk to people and resolve (or attempt to resolve) issues that they struggle with.

Having an exceptional ability to communicate has always been a gift of mine, and I have enjoyed doing so. Telling stories has always been second nature to me. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have written poetry, romance, self-help, addiction, alcoholism, codependency, technical, and satire. There isn’t a genre or a topic that I feel more comfortable with. I enjoy writing about whatever it is that I feel passionate about at the time.
Being open-minded and often seeing abusive relationships unfold, I have always been passionate about abuse, or the prevention of it. My main focus has always been people that are incapable of helping themselves, primarily women, children, and the elderly. I have talked to hundreds of women that were in abusive relationships, and assisted many of them in removing themselves from these relationships.

I try to focus in my writings to develop a story that makes people stop and think. To look at a subject or subjects from a different point of view. If I am able to get my point across, and make the subject entertaining to the reader, I feel that I have met my objective. I feel that I have tremendous depth as a person, and have had some great experiences in my life. To date, what life has offered me has been nothing short of spectacular. My opinions, point of views, and perspectives on matters are just that; an opinion. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong in what I write, but more of a belief. I always believe in what I am writing, and I further believe that the reader may benefit from viewing it from the written perspective.

I hope that you enjoy reading what I have written as much as I enjoy writing it. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing a reader enjoyed something I have written. Considering that, please take time to leave a book review if you have read something I have written.

“Stay Human”

Scott Hildreth

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I met this author via Facebook. You know how the suggestions pop-up for friends, showing you how many ‘friends’ you have in common. So I clicked and requested Author SD Hildreth to friend me, and by gosh…he did! I received a message thanking me for the friendship, and telling me about his upcoming blog tour. So I signed the form and now here I am. I just finished Baby Girl, Book 1 in the Baby Girl Series.
I like erotic novels. So I was excited and looking forward to this read. As I started reading, I just wasn’t into it. Erik is the Hero of the series. He is very intelligent, and has a degree in  Psychiatry. Thus this novel tends to get deep in thought and meaning very quickly. I am used to emotional reads, just not ones that speak to the brain and well as the heart. However the more I read, the more I became drawn to this novel.
Erik is your Hero. He is in his thirties, well educated, loves life, and feels free when he rides on his motorcycle. In Baby Girl, the reader is introduced to Erik Ead at the BMW Dealership. Kelli is the Heroine of the novels. Her father is the owner of the dealership. She is home from school for the summer. She just graduated KU and is planning on heading to Columbia University for a Business Degree. During Erik’s time talking cars and body art, he notices Kelli. At first sight he sees the promise and possibility in this beautiful woman to be his new submissive.
Both Erik and Kelli are not into ‘Love’ or long term ‘Relationships’. From the very beginning Erik tells her flat out it is about sex. That he does not do relationships. Which is fine for Kelli since she is only in Old Town, Kansas for the summer and working as the receptionist at her fathers dealership.
Both of the characters come from backgrounds where they grew up in a one parent home. Erik explains throughout the novel how growing up in this situation effects a persons feelings as related to sex. So be prepared to read a lot of deep psychological reasoning on what makes a person who they are and what makes them who they are. A lot of information on love, relationships, why couple separate and how to keep them together. Some of the rationale actually makes sense.
Kelli -‘Time decides who we have in our lives, our hearts decide how we feel about them, and our actions and attitude toward them determine how long they stay’.
Erik– (quote from novel Broken People, also by Scott Hildreth)
‘”…you don’t give someone your love. They take it. Love is taken. And, when someone takes your love, you will know it…”‘.
Kelli– ‘As we grow older we change. Our lives change. Patterns of living, what we deem to be important, and sometimes out beliefs even change’.
Kelli– Feeling loved is a large part of what we, as humans, need to survive. We yearn to be loved. The perfect love.
Think on those thoughts…that is just an example of the emotional and mental depth this novel will lead you the reader to mull over.
In the meantime, I recommend this read!!!
Yes, there are erotic scenes in the novel. They usually happen in public. So just be aware, this novel has graphic elements and not for the light-hearted romance reader. The novel develops the happenings between Erik and Kelli at a rapid pace. Before you know it, they have already been seeing each other  for six weeks. The novel will end leaving you, the reader on the edge of your seat wondering if they are in a relationship, have the two discovered love, and will she or won’t she (Kelli) go to Columbia as planned. So thank goodness there is a Book 2!!!
babygirl tease book 2A
One Hot and Erotic Read
4 Rose Writing Rating
Characters are clearly detailed, background and present information. Writing is clear and presented in the voice of each Character chapter. Author creates a world that the reader can step right into the pages and sit at a table, movie seat, or coffee shop and watch all the interaction between the varied players in the novel.
babygirl tease book 3
Fun Facts: 
-In each of Hildreth’s novels the reader will find a character named, Heather.
– When this review asked Hildreth why his novel did not use chapter numbers, his reply was, ” I find them simple and boring.”
– When asked why Kelli removed her dress while waiting on Erik to arrive for their first official going out date, Hildreth’s response was, “A girl like Kelli is very uneasy and nervous about appearance with Erik, but not so much with others. She feels a need to meet him with an unwrinkled dress.”
– In reading this novel, I began wondering if Erik Ead was really the author, Scott Hildreth. When asked, he replied, “I’m Erik Ead, yes. Basically that’s true.”
babygirl tease book 3B
One Click your copy of Baby Girl It will not disappoint!
Book Review 2
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