Living in Sin by Isabel Lucero

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Living in Sin

Author Isabel Lucero

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Release Date: January 1st


Jace Jamison is every woman’s fantasy. He’s a mysterious businessman willing to sweep you off your feet, a tattooed bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and a sexy friend you want to take that next step with. Jace is everything and anything you want him to be. He’s a highly paid escort.

But nobody knows who Jace really is; the man whose dad abandoned him, whose brother was killed, and who had to take care of his mom at a young age. At the age of nineteen, he was living in Sin City, ready for a life away from stress and struggle.

Adrienne has been having a sexual drought since she broke up with her boyfriend. Even then she wasn’t getting fully satisfied. Being an event planner, she’s constantly working at numerous events. Several times she’s seen a man she can only refer to as the God-like creature at her work functions. He’s devastatingly handsome, tall, and has beautiful eyes, but he’s always with a different woman. The last thing she needs is another player in her life.

After a few chance encounters with Jace, her best friend convinces her to just get some good sex out of him and not worry about who she’s seen him with. But what happens when she finds out that he isn’t dating these women because he wants to, but because he’s paid to?

Keeping his job a secret from Adrienne seems easy at first, but when she begins meeting people he knows in his escort life, and they begin getting closer, he knows he has to tell her before someone else does.

When their worlds entwine, and confessions are made, will they be able to work through it? Will she be able to push aside his sins and focus on the good in him? Will Jace get what he’s never had? A woman who wants him despite what he’s done. Or will living in sin cost him what he never knew he wanted?



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It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had the best sex of my life. I thought fucking him would settle a craving, and I’d be good to go for a while. Instead, it awakened a sexual beast that I had living inside of me. It’s all I think about now.


            I want it.

            I need it.

            I fantasize about Jace and his huge hands doing wonderful things to my body. I can still remember the way his tongue felt as he slid it into my pussy, and the warmth of his mouth as his lips encircled my clit. I was sore for days. My entire body ached from the pounding he gave me. I’ve used my fingers and my vibrator, and neither one will do. I crave his body like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream.

            How can I tell him that I want to use his body for my own pleasure? What would I even say to him? I’ve never had to chase after a guy. I haven’t asked anybody out on a date, haven’t initiated the first kiss, and certainly haven’t asked anybody if they want to be fuck buddies. I just can’t do that. Plus, I have no idea how to get ahold of him. I only know where he lives, and I definitely won’t be showing up to his suite like some sort of stalker psycho.

            I groan and force myself to get out of bed. Before I make it to the bathroom, my phone vibrates on my nightstand. It’s Em.


            “Wake up, we have plans,” she says excitedly.

            “Ugh. No. I can’t deal with your happiness right now.”

            “Too bad. Get up because we have places to be.”

            “How come I never know about our plans until the last minute?”

            “I don’t know. I’m on my way over. It’s already ten, so stop being a lazy bum.”

            The phone clicks and I go use the bathroom, brush my teeth, and pull my hair into a messy bun on top of my head. I put on some shorts, flip flops and a white tank top. By the time I’m dressed, I hear Em banging on the door like she’s the cops.

            “Hey! Why are you trying to break my door down?” I say as I pull the door open.

            She gives me a shrug. “I thought maybe you had gone back to sleep, so I was prepared to wake you up.”

            “Well, I proved you wrong. I’m ready and everything, see?” I say, extending my arms and showing her that I’m dressed.

            She eyes me with a disgusted look on her face. “If that’s what you call ready. It doesn’t matter anyway. We’re going to go get pampered. Nails, hair, waxing.”

            “Waxing?” I say, interrupting her. “I think I’ll pass. Last time you convinced me to get waxed, my hoo-ha was sore for days! No thank you.”

            “Stop being so dramatic,” she laughs. “I’m sorry. Last time the chick was new. This time, it won’t be the same one. I promise. We need to go get prettied up, go out to dinner with these two, hopefully-not-lame bitches, and then hit a club up and find some sexy men to dance with. That’s the plan.”

            She says the last part with finality, flips her hair over her shoulder and walks towards out door.

            “I guess I could use a few drinks,” I say, following her down the hall.

            “Still not over the king?” she asks with a laugh.

            “Oh shush,” I say, playfully pushing her.

            “Hell, from what you told me, I wouldn’t be over him either. I’d be scaling the building trying to get to him.”

            A loud and embarrassing laugh escapes my throat. A few people nearby all turn and look in our direction. Ignoring the stares, I continue to laugh. “Oh my gosh, Em. You’re too much. I picture you climbing the building like Spiderman and shit. Oh God, that’s too funny,” I say, unable to stop my laughter.

            “You think I’m playing. I’d be camped out on that balcony waiting to pounce him.” She lets out a small laugh at herself. “I think you’re crazy for not wanting to be with him again. You said yourself he was amazing in bed…and huge! It’s not like you’re getting any elsewhere.” She gives me a pointed look.

            “Well, thanks for reminding me,” I say and roll my eyes. “I don’t know what you think I’m supposed to do. I don’t have his number, and showing up to his place would be desperate and sad. I won’t do that.”

            Emilie lets out a dramatic sigh. “Whatever. Guess you’ll have to find you another man tonight. He probably won’t be God-like, or be as good in bed, or have a huge…”

“Okay!” I say, interrupting her sentence. “I get it. Let’s just go.”


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About the Author

Isabel Lucero is a military wife who has been lucky enough to travel the world, and see some amazing sights. She has been married to her best friend for ten years, and together they have two of the most beautiful children in the world. She and her husband are Junior High Sweethearts, a couple who are truly meant to be together. One day, their love story might make it into a book.

Isabel is the middle name of the author, and Lucero is her maiden name. Together they create her pen name. She was born in a small town in New Mexico, and was more than happy to move far, far away.

She is a collector of high heels and tattoos, and is highly obsessed with both. She owns a crazy, little Miniature Pinscher who thinks he’s a Doberman. His name is Tyson.

Isabel has always been an avid reader, able to devour books in a day or two. With her now focusing on writing, the reading has slowed, but her love for reading is still there.

Something noteworthy is that Isabel loves to hear from her readers. Never hesitate to get in touch. She’s always willing and ready to talk about anything. If you enjoy this book, she encourages you to not only let her know, but let the world know. Goodreads, Amazon, book blogs, groups, etc. She understands that word of mouth is the best form of promotion.









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4 roses for romance and originality

Started of slow but I’m truly happy I stuck with this hot little number because it became clear where the author was heading in this delicious Sin City Sinner’s delight.  I was able to connect with the male character in all his POV glory and giggle like a school girl.  I respect the heroine in this romantic tale,  she had the tenacity to succeed at her career in a city that thrives in entertainment of all varieties, she was strong, independent, funny, and super sweet, she fought for what she wanted and went for it all.


3 romantic hearts for couples capable of love

Jace is a man who beat the odds in life and climbed from the hell of poverty up into the splendor and opulence only the rich and famous live in.  He is gorgeous, intelligent, sexy, charming, confident and superb in his chosen career.  He has to be, he is a High-Class, highly sought after, male- ESCORT.  However, he does have other hopes and dreams as well, being highly successful in this field has given him the leg up to pursue his future as a night-club owner and that’s just what he does.

“My dad took off when I was three.  My mom did her best raising both my brother and me.  I needed to get away from there and make sure I made enough money to help my mom out and make sure I never had to live paycheck to paycheck.”

Adrienne is independent and completely driven to succeed in her calling as a Event Coordinator in this thriving city.  She works hard, she occasionally has a night out with her best friend, then works harder.  She has contacts and great clients, some are more frustrating than others. The current client, Mrs. Roberts seems to be more demanding in her wishes to achieve the ultimate wedding of the year for her daughter.  She takes an interest in her lack of social life and oddly seems keen on setting Adrienne up with someone.

~Mrs. Roberts:  “I might have someone I could set you up with.  I know some young hotties…”

~Adrienne:  “I couldn’t help but think about how little fun I actually have.  I’m always working.  I’m either planning weddings, company parties, grand openings, or some other fancy shmancy thing.  I love my job though.  I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”


5 eye-popping, smacking lips for spicy, hot, and erotic reading

When Jace and Adrienne come together which is very frequently, (thank you), stars align, fires start, smoke appears, and I can’t help thinking, this is how twins, triplets, and quadruplets are made!  This author knows how to write erotica, over and over, again and again.  Extremely naughty things happen, (again, thank you!) 

We’re both lascivious, and animalistic.  There is nothing sensual and romantic about the sex we’re having.  It’s rough and hard, and delicious.

~JaceI’ll tell you what I want, I want to take my time with you.  I want to go slow, and make sure my mouth meets every part of your body.  I want my mouth on you when you come.

~Adrienne:  I’ve used my fingers and my vibrator, and neither one will do.  I crave his body like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream.

In closing this novel reminded me how you should never judge a book by its cover, don’t pass judgment on anyone.  Whatever you look like, how ever you dress, whoever you hang out with, whatever your job is, you mean something, you are something, do not ever doubt that you are and will always be YOU.

I thank you for that Isabel Lucero.


living in sin





Just Fall by Annica Rossi

Blog Tour

Just Fall

Annica Rossi


Hosted by Crazy, Chaotic Book Babes

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How far would you go to save everything?

 Life hadn’t dealt Lauren St. John a fair hand, yet she considered herself lucky to be living on the majestic shores of Lake Michigan running the business her parents worked their whole lives to create… Until now.

 Facing the possibility of losing The Grandview Inn and her relationship with Jake Kennedy, the man she vowed to marry, “Lo” is desperate to hold on. In the middle of her anguish, the unexpected arrival of longtime

guests, Tom and Mary Blackwell, seems like a welcome relief, but just when she thinks things couldn’t get any worse, she discovers they’ve brought along an unwelcome ghost from her past.

 Enter the dangerously seductive Parker Blackwell, renowned poker player and notorious bad boy, with a propensity for kinky sex.

 Seven summers ago, the gauntlet was thrown down from the moment Lo and Parker laid eyes on each other. Too young to realize the gravity of their connection, their friendship grew until a series of tragic events began to unfold, and Parker mysteriously disappeared, leaving Lo heartbroken and unwilling to forgive.

 Grown up now, and suddenly forced to confront their unresolved feelings and undeniably explosive sexual attraction, the situation intensifies into an enticing and comical game of “it’s your move”. But when Parker raises the stakes too high will Lo put herself on the line to save everything she’s ever known?

Excerpt #1

I’m not normally attracted to bad boys, and he was the perfect

specimen, but there was an air of confidence about him that came from more

than just his stunning good looks, and it beckoned me to investigate. He

was picture perfect in every way…but as you know looks can be deceiving.

 As I began to recover from my momentary brain lapse vague memories began

to surface in the back of my mind. I couldnt put my finger on it, but

there was something very familiar about those dimples…


Excerpt #2

My eyes blinked open slowly, trying to adjust to the sunlight pouring

through the windows overlooking the Vegas strip, and I could hear the

faint sound of my phone ringing from somewhere in the room. Any other time

it would take a lot more than a phone call to pry me from the arms of two

lovely naked bodies like these, but I had a strange feeling this could be

important, so I climbed carefully out of bed to find out.

“Parker! You sound tired. I hope I didn’t wake you dear. What time zone

are you in?”

I’d never felt dirtier than I did standing there, listening to the sound

of Aunt Mary’s sweet voice as my eyes watched the scene taking place in

the middle of my bed. I took one last peek at Lexi’s attempt to wake

Ashley using only her tongue before I shut the door behind me and

reluctantly walked into the other room. How could something be so wrong

and so right at the same time?

Excerpt #3

The Parker Blackwell I remembered was the most annoying, frustrating,

immature boy I’d ever met, and he always, I mean always had to win. He

challenged me at everything, and my entire summers were spent competing

with him.

I grabbed my phone and tried to call my best friend, Nina. She knew our

history, and she was the only person who would understand what I was going

through right now. Straight to voicemail. Shit!

This may seem like an outrageous reaction coming from a

twenty-four-year-old woman, but if you only knew the torture I endured you

would understand. He got under my skin in every way, and although I never

admitted it to anyone, I secretly loved him and hated him all at the same

time. He was exhausting, sexy and maddening, and I daydreamed about him

constantly. He was the reason I practiced kissing my pillow at night, and

in the spring I would count the days until he arrived to begin our

confusing and frustrating game all over again. Sometimes I thought that he

might like me, too. I often caught him staring at me, and that time we

kissed he made an attempt at second base, but I never really knew for

sure. Everything was just a game to Parker.


Excerpt #4

With the stars twinkling above, the radio cranked up, and Parker

looking at me like John Travolta looked at Olivia Newton John post bad

girl transformation, I was having the time of my life! Right up until the

moment those flashing lights appeared in the rear view mirror.

I should have seen it coming, but in the heat of the moment it never

occurred to me that my dad might think his car was stolen and call the

cops. He never suspected that his “Golden Girl” would have driven off into

the night with Danny fucking Zuko. I’ll never forget the look on his face

when I got out of the back of that cop car.


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Now Just .99

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author image

About the Author:

Michigan debut author, Annica Rossi, describes herself as a “serial mompreneur”. She spends her days creating customized gifts for those who have found their real life Happily Ever Afters, and by night she entertains her overactive imagination by penning sexy escapes that pack plenty of heat.

 Her writing features smart, strong-willed women and their equally determined male counterparts whom they just can’t help but love.

 “Just Fall”, the first novel in her Fall Series, is a seductive page-burner that’s kept her awake countless nights with only her faithful canines to keep her company.

Author Links:




Giveaway Link

The R&R packages will include a signed

paperback,  a Hemp Sugar Body Scrub and lotion gift set with pouf, a

dreamsicle 3-1 massage moisturizing body candle AND an OPI Silver Travel

Train Case with 6 polishes. There will be 2 gift sets to give away each

over $100 value!


th (20)


Happy Reading, Anna

New Years Book Blitz- Day 5 Featuring Jennifer Culbreth- Wild Heart Series

New Years Book Blitz

Day 5

Author Jennifer Culbreth

Wild Heart Series

Kindle Cover

Wild Heart Synopsis:

Ani Forrest has spent most of her life trying to find the right path. She’s spent the last five years attempting to experience the world. But no matter how hard she tries, nothing ever feels right. With her father’s health failing, she finds herself back in the sleepy Tennessee town where she grew up.

However, fate has a choice for Ani to make, does she resume the life she once had or does she take the opportunity for something different? Cash Roberts, the man who once held her heart, is vowing to win Ani back. But the temptation of something new is too strong to resist when a handsome stranger shows up in town. Knox O’Connell has brought his M.C. to Coker Creek in an attempt to get away from the anarchy and chaos of Ireland. The last thing he needs is the enticement of a free spirited woman. That is until she turns his world upside down.

Will Knox be able to win Ani over? In the midst of rival M.C. retaliation, will she be able to put her worries aside and follow the path that fate has given her or will she stay on the road that has always been familiar? What would you do if your past and present collided together, leaving you standing at a crossroad unsure of which path to take.

Link to the Wild Heart Book Trailer

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Book Links


Amazon UK:

Barnes and Noble:

24hour Sale

About the Author

My name is Jennifer Culbreth and I will be your host on this fine evening! Some of you may know me as the author of The Protected Love and The Wild Heart series, some as the founder of The Indie Journal, and most as the sassiest southern author you know

A little about myself, and I promise to keep it short! I currently reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado where pot is legal and the view from my writing room window is bald neighbor’s back door. **Hubba Hubba** I am the wife of the very sexy, dress whites wearing, panty dropping Petty Officer First Class Jason Culbreth and we enjoy hunting, fishing, and other “extreme sports”.


Twitter: @jculbrethauthor


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Jennifer Culberth

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New Years Book Blitz- Day 4 Featuring Sam Taylor Mullens- Hasty Resolution

New Years Book Blitz

Day 4

Hasty Resolution

Author Sam Taylor Mullens

HastyResolutionB&N (2)

Publication Date: December 28, 2013


Jake, a US Marine, has been on a nonstop roller coaster ride in the Middle East since 2002. While on medical leave seeking help for PTSD he snaps and abducts a woman thinking it will be the remedy plaguing his thoughts. The woman, Liz, witnesses Jake’s hallucinations, night terrors and anxieties. She quickly becomes sympathetic to her captor’s plight and a relationship flourishes between the two.

*Hasty Resolution contains adult sexual content.*


Author Information

Sam Taylor Mullens was born and raised along the Rocky Mountains.  She has lived most of her life in the Western United States and now calls Colorado home.  Sam has a wonderful, supportive husband, two daughters and a son.  She enjoys a day of retail therapy with her daughters and continues to be actively involved in special needs sports teams on weekends with her autistic son.  Sam has a fetish with skirts.  She likes short skirts, long skirts, pleated skirts and flirty skirts.  She’ll even go for a pencil skirt if it matches a cute top.

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Kayden: The Past by Chelle Bliss- Blog Tour and Review

Blog Tour and Review

Kayden: The Past

Author Chelle Bliss


Published December 31st 2013 by Chelle Bliss


Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex, addiction, and heartache. A past that he’s avoided sharing with the love of his life, Sophia, and held close to his core not risking rejection. Needing to get his addictions in check and gain control of his life for the sake of his family, Kayden is forced to confront his past and make amends for the path he’s walked.

Kayden must recount every carnal act and the betrayal from those he’s loved to identify the triggers that spur his addictions and overcome it all to be worthy of Sophia’s love – his sole reason to exist.

**(Note:  CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE NOVEL, This is NOT a novella)**


Extended Excerpt ~ Prologue

I was an addict.

Sophia didn’t know this about me when we met – when I stole her heart.

I struggle every day with my sobriety, and Sophia is my compass. She’s what keeps me grounded and always points me in the right direction. She doesn’t nag or yell but smothers me in her love and understanding.

Sophia asked to hear my story, my past. She wanted to know everything about me…what led me to her. I gave her a condensed version – one that is closer to PG-13 compared to the NC-17 reality that I lived. No matter how much the person you love the most, the one who is the center of your universe asks about your past, you never give the full truth. I never want Sophia to compare herself to any of the women or experiences that I’ve had before her. Sophia is perfection in my eyes. No one could ever compare to her.

I’d like to say my life began again when I met Sophia, that I was given a clean slate. Sophia met me at the point in my life where I had given up on love. My life consisted of work and pleasure – pleasure from the unattached sexual relationships and the booze that had filled my nights.

When my life spiraled out of control, Sophia caught me in her web of security and love. She is my savior, the only thing that is true in my life. She can’t know my entire story. Who would want to know the true story of the love of their life, the father of their child?

The thought of Sophia being with another man makes my skin crawl and pisses me off. She’s mine, and I’d like to think that I’ve been the only man in her life and the first one to taste her, but I know I’m lying to myself. Ignorance is bliss, and I’d rather stay in the dark.

After our child was born, I thought it was necessary to get help to control my drinking. I needed to make sure I never walked down the path of self-destruction again. I had too much to lose. For the first time in my life, there was something more important than myself or even Sophia. There’s a tiny little life that depends on me and needs my love and adoration.

I didn’t want to go to group counseling – I’ve done that before, and it sucked; it wasn’t more than a temporary fix. I needed something to get to the root of my addiction and allow me to find other ways to cope with the pressures in life besides at the bottom of a bottle. The

counselor told me to write down the major events in my life – the ones that caused my drinking to go out of control or drove me to drink.

He said I needed to understand the cycle. What came first – the booze or the problems? He asked me to write a journal about my life. Everyone who I could remember that triggered my drinking, use of drugs, and events that were caused by my addiction that had an impact on my life. I didn’t see the use in writing it for someone else to read and analyze, but he said I would understand it in time.

Where do I start the tangled mess that was my life? Do I start with my first taste of booze, the first sniff of coke, or the crazy bitches I’ve experienced? There will be bits that I leave out; things I don’t want the world to know. I’ve included the ones that show what has molded me into the man I am today. The ones that will fill in the gaps on my troubled journey that Sophia and I overcame and show the depths of my depravity and addiction before Sophia walked into my life and turned my world upside down.

I’ll start at the beginning, what led me off the path of righteousness through my moment of self-destruction and finally salvation in the arms of a loving woman too good to be mine.


Short Excerpt ~ Explicit:

“Hey, where ya going?” she asked. “What about me?”

“I’m sure someone here would be happy to give you what you want. I got what I was looking for, babe.”

“You had me suck your cock and you’re just going to fucking leave me here?” she asked glaring at me with hatred so pure I could almost feel the fist she wanted to hit me with.

“I got what I came for. You were a total bitch to me for years; you don’t deserve what I’d give, how good I’d fuck you,” I said with my arms crossed against my chest.

“You’re a total cocksucker, Kayden,” she said poking me in the chest with each word to drive the point home.

“No, that would be you, babe,” I said with a smile, “Oh, and by the way, you have a little on your chin,” I said pointing at her face chuckling softly at the situation. I watched as she wiped her chin and I turned and walked away, leaving her there like she deserved.


Book Trailer

Kayden: The Past 



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Kayden: The Past by Chelle Bliss

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About the Author

Chelle is an avid reader; consuming contemporary romance, dark reads, young adult, and all things erotica. Chelle wanted to create a book filled with characters that readers could relate to with real world problems and matching wallets.

Chelle loves to travel and her favorite cities are New Orleans and Paris. She currently lives in Florida with her amazing boyfriend. He’s showed her the love and passion that she has poured onto the page.

Book Trailer:


Character Cast


Kayden’s Love Interests


Kayden’s Non-Relationship/Scratch that Itch Females



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Kayden Blog Tour Banner

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Hosted By FGBB


Don’t Forget

Book 1 

Untangle Me

Love at Last Series

By Author Chelle Bliss




Book Link



Untangle Me 

Book Trailer

Untangle Me


Book Review


Kayden: The Past by Indie Author, Chelle Bliss is Kayden’s story. Readers meet Kayden in Untangle Me, Bliss’ debut novel and book 1 of the, Love at Last Series. Kayden: The Past, can be read as a stand alone novel, but I would recommend reading it AFTER, Untangle Me. To me, it just seems to be the more natural order, and/or if you are planning on reading book 1, then it may spoil the ending for you.


The Beginning…

High School… This is where it all starts. I mean, who doesn’t want to be popular in school. And Kayden is no different. Here is where alcohol and Kayden meet…


Kayden meets the First Love of his Life while on the job.


How many Loves will Kayden have before he finds … The One? Read and See…


Curious yet, well you will just have to read all about his sexual adventures in the novel!


Love and Revenge. Read to see how Kayden does it!


Lisa becomes a person that Kayden does not even recognize any more.  One of my favorite parts is this,


This is what I am always doing to my husband when he is playing the, ‘block game’, aka Mindcraft. I mean I do not mind him being on it some, but not for hours, losing time and whole days while playing the silly thing. Maybe it just a wife thing or  a me thing, there is work to be done and he is off in his whole little world. But Lisa was to controlling, not even letting him hang out with the guys, and checking his texts and so forth. A relationship is a give and take that needs to be equal among the parties involved. Lisa is more of a taker than a giver.


th (35)

The End

 How does that old saying go, save the best for last? Well Chelle Bliss does just that. When using Facebook myself to chat with her about her novel she remarked that I would not cry. Yet, being the emotional reader that I am these last chapters with Sophia and Kayden did find me shedding some very happy tears. Overall the ending was my favorite, favorite, favorite part.

I most definitely recommend this novel!!! 100+++++ percent!!!!!

It just amazes me how as a female writer Bliss writes so candidly and  like the words are coming straight out of a mans brain. I enjoyed reading this novel. The material is very mature in content, so if you have trouble reading a novel that mentions cock, orgasm, and the F word a lot, well then, maybe this is not your speed.



5 Rosebuds -Writing Rating

Oh my gosh, this novel just begs for you to keep reading. The reader will be surprised and engaged on every page. This is a novel you will want to stay up all night reading!!! The reader is provided with the background to really connect and understand Kayden, how his past treated him, and how he treated himself in that past. Everyone deals with issues differently. I may not be happy when my hubs takes forever to get off the computer or forgets to pay a bill, but I still love him. Heck, half the time I want to slap him, the other half love and laugh with him. Kayden just found ‘LOVE’ in the wrong women before Sophia came into his life.

tear book review image

1 Teardrop – and that was a very happy tear at the end. Wonderful love story. Like I said, the ending was my FAVORITE!!!


5 Romance Raves- Oh, the sex was hot, hot, HOT!!!!! Kayden has skill,  stamina  and lots of adventure when it comes to this act. He will give anything and everything a try. He aims to please both his partner and himself. WOW!!!






Hope you enjoyed this review,

Book Review 2

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Readers, at the end of, Kayden: The Past is a sneak peak into the next book in the Love at Last Series.  This time the story is about Suzy. You remember her, she was Sophia’s colleague and roommate. Kayden even feels like she is the sister he never had. I am so excited, I am biting my nails waiting for the next installment in this series. So here is a sneak peak to get you excited…

Happy Reading! 


For Sophia, May everyday with Kayden be filled with Love and may all your days be filled with a Kaleidoscope of colors…

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Reviews for books and place for authors to post!!

Rough Draft Book Blog

Good people reading, reviewing, and sharing good books!

Blushing Divas Book Reviews

Friends that love to read and review romance books

Lorraine Loveit

Author - Erotic Romance

Reading Writing and Book Reviews

Get Your Romance Read On

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