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The Best Mistake –
Author Bethany Shaw

One night. One Mistake. Will it lead to true love?
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Star Dust – Ali Winters




Ali Winters
Title: Star Dust
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Release date: May 1st 2016

A case of mistaken identity triggers a reign of terror.

A Star Princess of Soleis, bound by tradition, is forced to fulfill an arrangement made prior to her birth. During the masque for her coronation, Oriana meets a handsome stranger, but soon finds out he is not who she thought.

Prince Lucian, unfamiliar with the treaties of the Universe, must restore the reputation of his world and prove his kingdom is not behind the attacks.

No one knew an innocent mistake could lead to the destruction of the solar system. Worlds are conquered, lives torn apart, and destruction reigns, while Oriana, unknowingly, holds the key to salvation.

Now, a Princess who needs saving must save herself, the man she loves, as well as the rest of the Universe, before it is destroyed beyond repair.

Author Bio:
Ali grew up in the Pacific North West. She attended Oregon State University for photography. After many adventures, she moved to Colorado, earned a second degree, and met and married her husband.
She currently lives in windy Wyoming with her husband and two dogs. When not writing, Ali is either, photographing, knitting, reading, dancing, or staying inside where it’s warm with a hot cup of coffee. She dreams of traveling the world someday soon.

His grim expression twisting into his lopsided grin. “So, Oriana, do you want to build a snowman?” he asked.
  Her black hair whipped around her face, stinging her skin along with the cold bitter winds. “What?”
  “I said, do you want—”
  “I heard what you said,” she stared up at his face being pelted with large flakes. The wind was so strong the snow flew at them sideways. “I just can’t tell if you’re serious.”
  “Lighten up Oriana, you need to learn to have fun.”
  “This isn’t the time for fun, Lucian.”
  “There will always be a reason to be serious. You have to take the fun moments anytime you can.”
  The wind slowed then stopped as she stood staring at him. Thankful, at the timing she shook her head, and stepped away from him, beginning the long trek through the snow.
  A clump of snow hit her in the back of the head. She spun around to see Lucian looking up at the sky. His hands clasped behind his back—the very picture of innocence. And he’d never looked more guilty.

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You can email Ali at authoraliwinters@yahoo.comOr you can also find her on these social platforms.Facebook: http://www.facebook/authoraliwinters Twiter: @aliwinters_ web:
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Jason Temptation


Take a peek into the
Playing the Game Series
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Get tempted by Jason,
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Jason’s muse is David Gandy.

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Sneak Peek of Grand Final, #playingthegameseries Book 6
Author Lorraine Loveit

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Uno, Dos, Tres… Head to Cancun in…


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Enjoy the Newest Addition to the Wayward Wolves Series.
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MIDNIGHT RUN on 8/18/15

~☆A man jogged a few hundred yards behind her. A ball cap shrouded the man’s face in darkness. He wore a black tee and black pants further adding to her discomfort.  Chills zipped down her spine. Even though she was a werewolf, capable of defending herself, she was still a woman alone at night.
Why was he wearing all black? I thought you were supposed to wear bright clothes at night. Or is that just to keep you from getting hit by a car? She glanced up to the road that ran alongside the beach. Empty. Not a car or soul in sight. Perfect.
Rhea licked her dry lips and pushed her legs to move a little faster. Too bad she wasn’t in her wolf form. She could outrun the man in a heartbeat. As a human, she was fast, but not as quick as she’d like. Maybe he’ll go away. I’m sure he doesn’t want any trouble.
She peeked back over her shoulder. Crap. He’s gaining on me. What if he’s a werewolf too? Oh God. What if the pack found me? No.
Her calves burned as she pushed herself to run impossibly faster. She gritted her teeth together. I’m not going back. ☆~Rhea
Author Bethany Shaw

Sneak Peek * FORSAKEN ( Found Book 2) * Caitlyn O’Leary




Excerpt from


The Found, Book Two

By Caitlyn O’Leary

Chapter One

“Put on your clothes.  You disgust me.”  Seth was beyond tired, and seeing his wife on his bed, naked and spread for him made his bile rise.

“Carson, I need you, remember how it was?”  She tried to entice him by playing with her breasts.

Seeing her gown on the floor, he picked it up and tossed it on top of her.  “That’s the problem Portia, I don’t remember anything, let alone it ever being any good.”

“That night together was the best night of my life.  It could be like that again if you’d just try, dammit.”

“Get out of my room,” his voice deadly.  Her eyes widened and she scrambled off the bed.

“Fine, but don’t think this is the end.  You are going to make me pregnant again.  Daddy wants a grandchild.”

“Oh cut the bullshit, there was never a baby in the first place.  You dragged my ass to the altar under false pretenses.”

“Carson, you got me pregnant that night.  You believed me before, why don’t you believe me now?”

The million dollar question.  He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her she was a criminal and likely involved in drug smuggling with her father.  He intended to put her behind bars, and instead he had married her to protect his unborn child.  A child that likely never existed.

“Get the fuck out, Portia, before I do something we both regret.”

She slung the gown over her shoulder and left his room, uncaring if the servants saw her naked or not.  His wife was quite a piece of work.

Seth…Carson, whatever the fuck his name was, Hell he was beginning to question his own identity.  Yanking at the bowtie of his tuxedo it knotted tighter instead of opening.

“Good, maybe I’ll choke.”  He was sick of living the double life.  Finally he pulled, ripping it apart at the seam.  “God damn motherfucker!”  He did the same with the cuffs of his shirt, satisfied when the cufflinks flew across the room.  They were gold with diamonds.  Maybe the maids would steal them.  “Good for them.”

Fuck, he needed to shut the hell up, it was a bad habit to talk out loud.  He knew his room was bugged.  There was a damn good chance of video surveillance too.  Once when Portia was high she said she hoped there was, that it added to the spice.

Not that he would touch her.  He warned her when they started this travesty of a marriage it wouldn’t be consummated, but she hadn’t believed him.  Hence the weekly ritual.  Sometimes she’d bring in some kind of sex toy, one night he’d found her tied spread eagle to the bed.  He didn’t even want to know who had helped her into the position.

He pulled off the rest of his clothes, hoping they would tear as well, but they didn’t.  At least one of his dress shoes left a dent in the wall.  They could report he had a temper tantrum for all he cared.  It had been an ugly fucking night and Portia was the cherry on top.  He needed a long hot shower to erase the stench of the scum he brushed up against.

God, he hoped it would help his headache.  Grabbing three ibuprofen and some Rolaids he chewed them all down, praying it would help his head and his stomach by the time he finished the hot shower.

He often wondered if they had audio and video in the shower too, it wouldn’t surprise him.  Nothing surprised him about these bastards.  Had he ever had such a bad headache?  It was the woman at the party, she reminded him of his Annie, and then he had to listen to Lobado’s men talk about their new source of income.  The pulse of pain in his head was so bad his eyes started to water.

What the fuck had he gotten himself into?


Annie reminded herself to be happy.  She escaped from the people intent on kidnapping her baby, but all she could focus on was her baby’s father.  Somehow she managed to drive Seth away.  She took out his letter, went to her desk, and pulled out the tape.  Carefully she taped the seams where it was coming apart because she had unfolded and folded it so often.


I won’t be coming home after this assignment.  Things have changed.  I have changed.  I have decided on a new life.  I deeply regret the promises I made to you but will be unable to honor. 

I won’t defile our time together by speaking of it now, only know this, you are loved.

I am entrusting this letter with my father, so you can tell him if you need anything.  I can no longer claim the name Natani, but you will always be cared for by the family of Natani.


Annie pushed the paper flat against the desk.  She didn’t know why she wanted to look at it.  The letter had almost killed her when Rafe Natani, Seth’s father, had handed it to her almost a year ago.


Seth’s parents had found her at her apartment not far from the college in Farmington, New Mexico where she was spending a lot of her time.  She was working on her doctoral thesis in Archeology based on the Anasazi, and using the college campus library.

“Miss Newman, you don’t know us, but we’re Seth’s parents.  Would you allow us to come in?”  Everything dropped away as Annie looked at the middle aged Native American couple on her porch.  Dear God, Seth had died on assignment with the DEA.  Annie grabbed her swollen abdomen and fell to her knees, staring up at the caring faces of Seth’s parents.

“Quick Rafe, let’s help her inside.”

“Seth, is he?  Did he?  Did he suffer?”

“Oh honey, no.  He’s not dead.  We’re handling this badly.  Let us help you.  Seth’s not dead.  He’s fine.”  The Natani’s helped Annie into her cooler apartment, and settled her on the couch.

“What can I get you to drink?” the woman asked as she hurried towards the kitchen.

“I don’t need anything.  Where’s Seth?  Is he hurt?  Is he finally home?”

“He’s not hurt.  He’s not home.  My name is Rafe, the woman currently rummaging through your kitchen is my wife Wanda.”  Annie looked at his hand holding hers over the large swell of her tummy.  They both looked up at the same time.

“Am I going to be a grandfather?”

“I’d prefer to tell Seth he’s going to be a father first.”

“I brought you some lemonade.  I also found some graham crackers, I thought they would suit.”  Wanda sat down on the other side of her husband after handing her the glass and setting the plate on the coffee table.  She squeezed her husband’s shoulder.  “She’s so young.”  She whispered to her husband, but Annie heard her.

“I’m twenty-four.”

Seth’s mother gave her a long considering look, Annie was used to it.  She knew she had a baby face.  “Do you want to see my driver’s license?  I’m actually working on my PhD.  I’m going to be twenty-five in three months.”  She watched as Wanda relaxed.

“I’m sorry honey, I worry for you.  I hate to see babies raising babies.”

“So do I, but I’m a grown woman, and I want my baby very much.  Please tell me why you’re here, this is killing me.”

“Are you pregnant with our son’s child?” Mr. Natani persisted.  Annie looked him in the eye, and was struck by the lack of family resemblance between Seth and his parents and then remembered the strange circumstances surrounding his adoption into the Natani home.

“I beg your pardon, but why are you here?”

This time Mrs. Natani spoke.  “Annie, we need you to stay strong,” she looked down at her belly.  “Especially now.”  She opened up her purse and pulled out a letter and handed it to her husband, who in turn handed it to Annie.  “Seth sent us a letter, with this letter enclosed.  He said we needed to be here when you opened it.”

It was the first time she read those words.  She didn’t say a word, didn’t cry, and showed no emotion.  She was used to rejection.  She didn’t know how she had managed to drive him away, but she had.  It was the story of her life, she had done something so wrong her mother abandoned her all those years ago.  The first foster home she lived in gave her back after two years.

She took small comfort in the fact he bothered to lie and say he had loved her.  She would cope, she always coped, no matter what her age, she coped.  Only this hurt a million times worse.  But she wouldn’t give into the hurt, she had her daughter to think about.  She stroked her tummy and murmured reassurance to Nell as she kicked in agitation.  Her baby felt her Mommy’s upset.

“It’s okay, baby girl,” Annie crooned.

“We’re having a granddaughter, Rafe!” Wanda cried out ecstatically, and Annie burst into tears.

“You need…You need to leave.”

“Miss Newman, we’re not leaving.  May I read the letter Seth gave you?”  It fell out of her numb fingers and fluttered to the floor as Annie tried to hand it him.  Picking it up, he read the note and then handed it to his wife.  Wanda took longer to read it, and when she finished she stifled a sob.

“You’re coming home with us Annie,” the woman said when she stopped crying.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur.  There was no way on God’s green Earth Annie would have thought her apartment in Farmington would be packed and she would agree to move to Shiprock with Seth’s parents, but it’s exactly what happened.  Wanda Natani was a force of nature.  Her husband was the steady wind behind the force, just steadily pushing, ensuring everything moved forward.

Annie didn’t have to lift a finger.  Somehow packers and movers showed up out of thin air within hours of the Natani’s arrival.  One of the moving men said he would drive her car to Shiprock, which is when she came out of her stupor.

“I’m more than capable of driving.”

“We never said you weren’t,” Rafe smiled easily.  Seth had the same smile, and it always meant the same thing, she was going to lose an argument.

“Then please give me back my keys.”  Annie held out her hand.  The whole day was surreal.  It was a month before she was due to deliver.  Her thesis was a week away from being done, and it felt like her life was over.  That kind of thinking was unacceptable.  She needed to take control.  She had her daughter to consider.

“Sure, Miss Newman, you can drive.  But the roads from here to Shiprock are icy.  Are your tires studded?  We want you to be safe.”

Damn, he made sense.

“Annie, you need to call her Annie, Rafe.  She’s our daughter now.” Wanda said as she came up and wrapped her arm around Annie’s shoulder.

“No, I’m not, what are you talking about?”

“Don’t panic, we’re not kidnapping you, this is totally your decision.  But know from this day forward we consider you our daughter.  We would have whether you were carrying our granddaughter or not.  We don’t understand the choices our son has made, but he has much love for you, and therefore we have much love for you.  You are part of our clan, our family, and our hearts.”  She studied their faces and read the truth in what she said.  For the second time Annie started crying.

“Miss Newman, I mean Annie, please don’t cry.”

“Hush Rafe, these are good tears.  She knows she finally has a home.”  Wanda pulled her into the warmest hug she could remember.

Annie rode in the Natani’s car to Shiprock.  When they got to their modest adobe home, the moving truck wasn’t there.  Instead an older woman was standing in the doorway, looking very elegant in a long caftan and boots.

“Mom.  What are you doing here?” Rafe called out.

“A good question, since my son didn’t see fit to tell me he was bringing home my granddaughter and great-granddaughter.”  The woman ignored her son and hugged her daughter-in-law before standing in front of Annie.

“Welcome Annie Newman.  My name is Shilah Natani.  I am your grandmother.”  For the second time Annie was engulfed in a pair of loving female arms.  This time Nell kicked out, surprising her and the older woman.  Shilah broke away, and rested her hand on Annie’s belly.  “And you little one, welcome.  What is your name?”

“Her name is Nell.”  Annie smiled, loving the fact Shilah treated Nell as an actual person, because in her eyes, Nell was a person, she just hadn’t come out to meet everyone yet.

“Welcome Nell, I am your great-grandmother.”  Annie felt her baby kick in obvious excitement.  It was like when she ate a piece of chocolate, or the few times she had gotten lost in a daydream about Seth.  Nell was extremely sensitive, just like her Daddy.  Tears formed for the third time but she willed them away.  She was not going to ruin the joy her daughter was feeling at that moment.

“Granddaughter, it is going to be all right.  This too shall pass.”

Annie looked into the eyes of a woman who though related to Seth by blood, really seemed to be his grandmother.  Maybe there actually was hope.

“There is reason to hope.  Trust me.”

Nell kicked again against this woman’s hand, as if she too was telling her to believe.  Annie’s tears dried up.

“You are right.  I am blessed.”

“You don’t believe it yet, but you will.  You are strong my granddaughter.  We don’t understand everything, but you need to know my grandson loves you.”

“I can’t Grandmother.  I can’t hold onto that, it will break me.  But I can believe in all of you.  I can believe in Nell, and I can believe in myself.”

“That’s enough for now.”  Shilah Natani pulled her towards the house, and they sat down while Wanda made hot chocolate.  Again Annie felt Nell’s pleasure.

“I wonder where the moving truck is, I need to call them,” Rafe said as he pulled out his cell phone.

“It’s at my house,” Shilah stated.  “The only room here, is Seth’s old room.  Annie wouldn’t want to stay in it.  It’s best she stays at my house.”


“Shilah…” Wanda started.

“Annie, what do you think of that idea?” the older lady asked as she covered Annie’s hand with hers.  Why was she so drawn to her?  She turned her hand over and grasped it, like she would a lifeline.

“I would love to stay with you Mrs. Natani.”

“Please call me Grandmother, or Shilah whatever you are comfortable with.”

Annie thought it over.  Her mother had abandoned her when she was six.  She had never had a grandmother.  Again, looking into this woman’s eyes was like looking into a part of Seth.  Even though he had abandoned her as well, it was like a part of him was still with her.

“Grandmother.  I want to call you Grandmother.”  Nell kicked in agreement, and Annie gave a wan smile, the first smile since reading the awful letter.

“You’ll do Annie Newman.”








Caitlyn O’Leary was raised in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.  She has always been an avid reader.  Her earliest creative writing endeavors consisted of “ghost writing” exercises where she pretended to be her younger brothers and sister when she did their homework assignments.

Years in corporate America honed her ability to manipulate words by day and at night she read everything she could get her hands on, including many steamy romances.

Now happily married to her long, tall Texan and living in Southern California, Caitlyn has finally found the time to write erotic happily ever afters.  She enjoys swimming, traveling, babysitting for her nieces and nephews, spending time with friends and family, and doing lots of “research” with her husband for upcoming novels.

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“Do you understand me?  Do you understand exactly what I need?  What I am asking?”

She did, and she would willingly give him anything to erase the agony she saw in his face.  “I freely offer you my body.”  The lines around his mouth eased a little, and then he frowned.

“Baby, tonight I need more.”

“Oh Seth,” Annie stroked his cheek, loving that she could finally touch him outside of those moments of release.  “Whatever you want, whatever you need, it’s yours.  I’m yours.”

“Put your hands over your head and hold your wrist in one hand.”  When she complied she understood why he would want the position, because it arched her back and raised her breasts.

He pulled her legs apart and made a place for himself, his jutting cock resting against her slick folds.  She pushed her knees against the mattress so her sex parted a little more bringing his hot flesh against her moist heat.  It was sublime.

“No.  You don’t move until I say tell you.”  She stopped, and looked into glittering black eyes.  He must have read her intention to thrust upwards.

He gently palmed both of her breasts and thumbed her nipples, back and forth scraping his calloused thumbs over her delicate nubs, causing her to whimper.  “It’s too much.”

“You can take more, baby.”  He rubbed harder and faster.  Her nipples had always been sensitive, and he knew it.  But it was as if he was taking her past the point of pain to a world of pure sensation.  Rivers of heat were flowing from her nipples to her clit and back up again, her juices flowed, she tried to push her hips up, but he pressed her body down into the bed without giving her the friction she needed.

“Seth,” she wailed quietly.  Even in her dreams she knew to be quiet.

He looked down at the hard red tips and stopped.  “Look at how pretty and swollen you are.”  He swooped down and sucked one pebbled nub into his mouth and she let out a low keen, grabbing the back of his head, pulling his long hair.  She didn’t remember his hair being so long.  When did he get long hair?  Why was she dreaming of Seth with long hair?

“Hands over your head.”  He lifted his hips and looked down at her with a wild look in his eyes.  Who was this man?  Never had Seth been so commanding, and why was she even more on fire for him?  She immediately obeyed him, and he rewarded her by grinding against her needy clit.

“Please, I’m begging you.”

“My way.”  He dipped his head back down, and sucked her other distended nipple into his mouth, tonguing it towards the roof of his mouth.  He kept the rocking motion of his hips against her core, until she was close to coming.

“Yes, oh God, yes Seth.”  And then he stopped.  Once again she grabbed his hair and yanked him back.  He reared back and roared.  “Annie, do as I say!”  She trembled at the power in his voice and immediately complied melting into the bed, her desire spiking even higher.

His arms wrapped around her, pulling her up against his hot chest, molding them into one person and his lips pressed against hers, his taste something long denied but never forgotten.  He plunged his tongue into her mouth, thrusting and stroking her ever upwards into a blazing need.  Then he ripped his head away, and started a path of kisses and nips along her jaw.  He licked at the pulse of her neck and bit down, and even more of her juices leaked onto his erection.  He was sliding easier and easier against the parted folds of her labia.

Continuing his path downwards, he lightly brushed her stinging nipples, but she still arched upwards into the beautifully painful caress.  He nipped at her concave tummy, and then swirled his tongue into her belly button.  He licked over her smoothly shaved mound.

“You’re still bare for me.”

“You liked for me to do that.  It makes me feel like one day we could be together.”

“My deepest wish is to be together again, but this is only a dream.”  Tears pricked her eyes.  She didn’t want honesty from her dream lover.  She wanted to revel in pleasure, in the need they had for one another.

“Don’t talk about the future or the past, I want to concentrate on the here and now.  I’ve needed you so much.”  Then what little breath she had he took from her, as his thumbs parted the petals of her sex, and his tongue traced the valley from her opening to her bud and then swirled around until she couldn’t talk, couldn’t move, couldn’t think.

How was it possible she felt every tiny detail of their lovemaking this time?  Every nuance was magnified, and then he slid his thick fingers into her hot tight core and they groaned as one person.  Ever so lightly he took her clit between his teeth and laved it with his tongue, pressing in and out with his fingers. 

“So close.”

“No.  I’m in charge,” he said, lifting his head and looking at her through hooded eyes.  “You will hold on until I’m inside you.”  He bent back down, and continued to raise her up.  Her body shook with hunger, and she panted for air.

“P-P-Pl-Please stop.  I can’t hold on.”

He lifted up again.  “You can hold on.  You will do as I say.  You gave your word.”  He continued for long minutes, adding a third finger and twisting, layering sensation on top of sensation. 

“Seth.”  The shivering wouldn’t stop.  So very close.  He pulled back at the very second when she would have gone over.  She watched as he licked every drop of her honey off his fingers, lingering and savoring.

“Annie, you were, are and always will be the best thing in my life.”  He seemed so real, she had to tell him about Nell, and then he was covering her.  Surging inside, and every thought splintered.  Her mind shattered with pleasure, she couldn’t hold back her cries of rapture, his name a benediction on her lips.  Then he was gone.



Thiago continued.

Seth grabbed Thiago’s forearm in a punishing grip, seconds away from breaking it.

“Let go,” Thiago said, through gritted teeth.  “You forget yourself.”

“Until I say differently, she’s my property, or I leave now.”  Seth was truly scared.  Labado was a murdering sadist, and he might have pushed him too far, but he couldn’t ignore it for one more second.  Labado stared at him and slowly let go of the whimpering girl.  She dropped to the floor.  Labado cradled his arm and toed her with his shoe.

“Is she the one?”

“How would I know, I haven’t seen the others,” Seth said in a calm voice.

“Anton, bring in the next sample,” he called out.  Four more young women were brought in for Seth to view, all slightly older than the girl who remained silently crying on the floor at his feet.

After they all were standing in a row, Leslie turned to him.  “Well?”

“And the one in the picture?”

“She’s not as docile, and she has bruising.”

Seth gave her a toothy smile.  “So she has spirit and marks up well.  Too bad you didn’t bring her.”  He set down his drink and got up.

“She’s in the hall.  Bring her in Anton.”  He continued to stand.  This was it, his palms were damp, and a bead of sweat trickled down his neck.  The bastard was gripping Annie tightly by the scruff of her neck, forcing her into the room.  Her face was mostly hidden by her hair.  It was a trick he had seen her use many times to assess a situation without people being aware of what she was doing.  Then like a laser, she saw the girl lying on the ground and she yanked out of the man’s hold and was on her knees in front of Labado, cradling the girl’s head in her lap.

“Oh, I like a woman who knows her place,” Labado crooned.

Why didn’t I break the fucker’s arm?

“What did you do to her?” Annie demanded, her head turning to Labado, as Leslie watched Seth.  He looked at her, schooling his features, so he could survive the contempt he would see in his lover’s, his love’s face.  But while her face was hard and cold her eyes held nothing but joy.

“She is not your business.”

“I’m making her my business.”

“You’re in no position to negotiate.  You’re a captive.  All but naked on the floor.  Where is your leverage?”

“Apparently I’m a commodity of some value, or I wouldn’t be here.”  She tossed her hair and looked at Labado.  “I’m of value to him.  I have leverage.”  She helped the girl off the floor, murmuring softly to her.  God, she was magnificent.  He kept his face flat and raised an eyebrow at Labado.

“You seem taken.” Seth said stating the obvious.

“You don’t.  I thought spirit and easily marked were two of your criteria.”  Labado’s eyes followed Annie as she took the young girl to a sofa.  Anton followed her with an amused expression on his face.

“I find myself drawn to both of them.  They both have,” Seth paused, “certain qualities.”

“I am in complete agreement.  I will take whichever one you pass up.”

“But you told me the other day your current mistress was to your liking.”

“A man can always make room for two women.”  Labado licked his lips as he looked at the women/girls on the sofa.  Seth looked at the four other women in the room.  He wished a man could always make room for six.  God, they had to stop this tonight, but it wasn’t going to happen.  Could Kota and Nate somehow keep track of these four?

“I’m sorry.  I really can’t decide.  If you’re intent on taking one of these two, I’m going to have to go through with the divorce.”  Labado pulled his gaze away from the sofa and stared incredulously at Seth.

“You are talking crazy.  You have what you want.  You just said so.”

“But you are intent on taking what I truly desire.”  He watched as the sick bastard processed what he was saying.  Leslie laughed.

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises.  First you didn’t want any of the women I had to offer, and now you want two.  But I thought you liked spirit, and one seems like a bit of a victim.”

“I like the dichotomy.  But the point is moot.”  He looked at the sofa and couldn’t see Annie’s face, her hair hid everything.  He knew exactly what was going on in her mind, in her soul, because it mirrored his own heart.  He had to pull this off.

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Full Time – Book 4

Playing the Game Series

Author Lorraine Loveit



This should help give me some motivation for a sex scene – thanks Steve Boyd

His sexy chuckle next to my ear affected me more than I cared to admit. Then he was nibbling at my lobe before coming around to kiss that hollow spot at the base of my throat.

“I can feel your pulse racing beneath my lips.” His words were muffled as he continued to gently coax a pleasurable reaction from my body.



Playing the Game Series


Australian Football League Players, Police Dectives, and a Stalker… OH MY!

Head to Perth Australia for an EROTIC Adventure


At least a DOM or Two…

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Werewolf Wars Series

Paranormal Romance/Suspense

Author Bethany Shaw

  large Out of the shadows cover bethany shaw

Book 1

Out of the Shadows

Published August 26, 2013 


Lark Davies is the sole guardian of her younger sister, and the owner of The Cookie Jar. When she’s not working, she spends her free time at the Harris ranch. It doesn’t matter that they are werewolves. They are her family. When Devon Harris shows up at the ranch, Lark finds herself instantly drawn to him. However, Devon makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. But when enemies attack the ranch, Lark and Devon find themselves working together to save the people they love most. Their mutual attraction continues to intensify, leaving Lark aching for Devon’s touch. The closer they become, the further Lark is drawn into the werewolf world.  Lark has known werewolves existed for some time. She just never knew how dangerous they could be.

Devon Harris has lived under his stepfather’s tyranny for too long. When his stepfather forms an alliance with a dangerous werewolf pack, Devon knows it is time to leave. He and his younger siblings seek refuge at his Uncle Rick’s ranch. There he meets the fiery human Lark. Devon instantly feels the attraction to Lark. With a war between the packs on the horizon, Devon tries to keep Lark at arm’s length. As battle lines are drawn, and Lark is sucked further into his world, Devon can no longer ignore Lark’s allure. Can Devon protect his family and keep her safe? He can only hope.



new out of the shadows teaser


Lark opened her eyes, taking in the pitch black hotel room, illuminated only by the moonlight. Sweat beaded around her neck and brow. Hair stuck to the nape of her neck. She sat up and looked around at the barely visible furniture. Movement by the window caught her eye.
    Devon stood at the window arms crossed over his chest. His broad shoulders accented by the bright white of the moon. Lark stared at the fine plains of his bare back. She licked her lips taking him all in. Her body shuddered recalling the way he’d felt pressed against her – the way his lips had caressed hers a day ago.  
    Lark blinked the images away. Thankful for the darkness that hid the heat creeping across her face. Her throat parched, she pushed the covers back to get a drink of water from the sink.  
    The cool water alleviated some of the heat, and glided down her parched throat. She pushed the wet strands out of her face and walked to the window. Devon hadn’t moved. Preston and the three other guys lay sound asleep on the floor. They’d been kind enough to give her the only bed.
    “Do you not sleep?” Lark joined him at the window. Her eyes glued to the door across the street. To think, her sister was in that room. Lark wondered if Sarah was okay. Was she sleeping? In pain? Would they hurt her? The list went on and on.  
    “It’s my turn to keep watch. Daniel said they wouldn’t leave till morning, but I don’t want to risk it.” Devon looked over at her for a moment his eyes slipped down to take in her plaid pants before he turned back to the window.
    She’d gone with Preston to the store earlier to pick up a few things. They’d both needed the distraction. She normally slept in boy-shorts, but after her run in with Devon the other morning, and considering she was sharing a room with five guys, she had thought better. 
    “Oh, I didn’t realize you guys were keeping watch. I can keep a look out if you want to rest.”
    “It’s okay. Preston will take over in another half hour.” Devon shrugged. “I’m used to the late nights; it’s actually been a little bit of shell shock to get used to days. As an EMT I worked the twelve hour night shift. Most incidents happen at night, you get used to being up all night. My nights off I usually spent out too. Vincent likes to party. I went along for something to do and keep him out of trouble.”
    “I can see that about Vincent. I bet you’ve seen some interesting things on your job?”
    Devon smiled, the moonlight lit his hazel eyes. “People never cease to amaze you. I’ve seen the traumatic to the dramatic.”
    Lark laughed. “I can imagine. You see stories on the news every so often, where someone calls 911 for a cheeseburger, or something ridiculous like that.”
    “Those are the people who don’t understand the absorbent bill they get in the mail for our services either,” Devon chuckled.
    The smile lit his entire face. It gave her a rare glimpse of him. Lark wondered what had happened in his past to make him so distant. Slowly, he seemed to be opening up to her. She hoped he continued to do so.
    “I’m sure you get interesting characters in The Cookie Jar.”
    “Yeah, about half my customers are regulars. It’s kind of nice getting to talk to everyone. You’d be amazed what people tell you though. I’ve heard so many things that I really didn’t want to know.” Lark placed her hands on the windowsill, leaning forward. She peered out the sheer curtains.  
    Her thoughts drifted back to Sarah and Emily; at least they had each other.
    “They won’t hurt her.”
    Lark looked up at him surprised, taking a moment to register his words. She nodded and sighed, eyes darting back to the door across the street. The street seemed to stretch endlessly. It felt like miles separated them instead of mere feet. She would feel better once she could hold Sarah in her arms again.
    “Have you ever thought about becoming a doctor or a nurse? You know taking your training to the next level?” Lark needed a distraction and she was curious about Devon.
    “My bedside manner sucks.”
    Lark met his smile. “But would you?”
    Devon leaned forward before rocking back on his heels. “I don’t know. I never really thought about it.”
    Lark nodded. “I always enjoyed baking. I never in my life thought I’d own my own bakery. But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”
    “I do like the blueberry muffins.”
    “You guys do seem to have a sweet tooth. Well, actually, I’ve noticed you guys eat just about anything.”  
    Devon laughed. “It’s our metabolism. Especially when we shift a lot; it makes us hungry.”
    “I can tell.” Lark looked over at him. “Do you do it often? Shift I mean?”
    “I try to once a day; some days, like when I worked, I couldn’t. The wolf is a part of who we are. Shifting is important for our mental well being. As a rule, we try to shift three to four times a week. The only exception is when women are pregnant. The shift is harmful to the fetus since the body transforms from a human into a wolf.”
    “Does it hurt when you change?” Lark couldn’t stop herself from asking.
    “It’s a pleasure pain.”
    “I imagine it’s exhilarating.”
    “You really are genuinely interested aren’t you?” Devon turned to her eyes locked on hers.
    Lark swallowed at the intensity of his gaze and lowered her eyes to the floor.  
“I…I’m not trying to be rude.”
“I know.” Devon’s fingers grazed her chin, tilting it back up. “I’ve never met someone who’s been so understanding – who’s wanted to learn more.”
    His thumb cupped her chin softly eyes glued to hers. She licked her lips in anticipation.  
    Slowly his face inched toward hers, their breath mingled. Her heart raced, and body scorched with arousal. His woodsy scent filled her nostrils. Eyes closed, his lips grazed against hers. Devon’s stubble scratched her chin; his lips so soft against hers. 


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(Available in Paperback and Kindle Format)


Bethany Shaw-EB

Book 2

Into the Unknown

Published January 8, 2014


After the devastating loss of his father, Gene Harris has become alpha of his werewolf pack. He has been training for this his entire life. Nothing could have prepared him for the brewing war, or the beautiful alpha female, Talia. Gene is instantly drawn to the mesmerizing she-wolf. He wants to trust Talia, but it’s hard to trust anyone–especially when they are related to the pack you’re at war with. Enemies are everywhere, and Gene must fight to protect his pack.

Natalia ‘Talia’ Alvarez grew up away from the pack.  Around a year ago she was abducted and forced to become a member of her grandfather’s pack. After spending months as a prisoner, she was freed and brought to the Harris ranch.  This experience leaves her weary of her werewolf heritage and unable to trust her rescuers. As a new mother protecting her son is her first priority. Talia knows her only chance at freedom is to team up with Gene. As they begin to work together, she finds herself falling for the alpha. The thought of trusting Gene terrifies her. She can’t help but wonder if he will betray her too. Trusting Gene and his pack will either be the best or worst decision she’s ever made. 

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Natalia leapt over a log, her paws sinking into the wet earth as she landed in the clearing where she’d left her clothes. Inhaling the smell of dank leaves and rain one last time, she scanned around the area. Satisfied that she was alone, she closed her eyes and focused on her transformation.

Wincing as her bones began to snap, Natalia gritted her teeth. Her black fur was sucked inward as her pink wolf flesh was replaced with honeyed skin. Long brown hair fell in her face as her bones continued to crack, realigning themselves. After several long, painful moments, the transition was complete. Panting heavily, Natalia sat back, trying to regain control of her breathing. Shaking, she rocked back and forth, waiting for the dizziness and pain to ebb away.

Transitioning shouldn’t be this hard. She knew that. Most wolves did it within seconds—how, she had no idea. Perhaps it was because she was part human, or maybe there was a trick to it. She couldn’t be sure.

Leaves crunched as footsteps creeped across the ground. Natalia stiffened, shooting to her feet. She scurried to get her clothes. Grabbing her panties first, she slid into them as the sound of footsteps drew near. She threw on her jeans next, followed by her bra. Her trembling fingers fought to fasten the back as Gene came into view.

“Go away,” Natalia screeched, snatching her shirt up and covering herself with it.

“I’m sorry,” Gene said, quickly turning his back to her. 

She continued to fumble with her bra, finally hooking it and throwing her shirt on. “What are you doing out here?” she demanded, her face and ears burning while her body still twitched from the shift. Tensing her body, she fought to remain calm and in control of the spasms. She could not appear weak to him.

Gene turned around with one eyebrow quirked up, and a smile on his face. “This is my home. I was going for a run,” he said, gesturing toward the open woods.

Natalia drew in a deep breath, her eyes inadvertently wandering to his bare, toned chest. The moon hit his tanned skin just right, illuminating the scars on his side. Claw marks. Even with the blemish, he was perfect. The grey running shorts he wore fit snugly, showing off his muscular thighs. Taking all of him in, she veered up toward Gene’s face. His chiseled jaw and brown eyes stared at her intently.

He’s watching you while you are ogling him!


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Talia Teaser Into the Unknown

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Author Bethany Shaw

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Out of the Shadows wolf Bethany Shaw

 Sneak Peak

Finding Our Way

Book 3

Releasing June 2014

Chapter One

Nora covered her mouth as she yawned. Her eyes focused on the road, she reached down, lifting her soda to her lips. Nora took a long swig of her Coke before returning it to the cup holder.

The green illumination of the dashboard clock read 12:03 AM. It was late, and she’d been driving for hours, but she wouldn’t stop until reaching her destination.

With a trembling hand, she picked up her cell phone and listened to her best friend’s voicemails one more time.

3:56 pm

Hey, Nora, it’s April. I just wanted to let you know that I  made it home okay. I know this is going to sound weird, but I need you to stay away from the apartment for a few days. I’ll wire you some money for a hotel. It’d be even better if you found one far away from home. I promise I will try to explain everything soon, but I can’t right now. Just please trust me when I tell you not to go home right now. I hope you get this soon. Call me when you do. I’ll, uh, I’ll talk to you later, okay? Be safe.

4:15 pm

Hey, it’s me again. Um, listen, my families in trouble, Nora. I think you could be also. I’m going to text you my address. I need you to head down here as soon as you can. Please call me as soon as possible. Be safe.

The phone clicked and Nora jammed her finger over the buttons and set the phone back on top of her purse. Her hands trembled as she gripped the steering wheel. Her eyes stared out the window into the pitch-black night. She’d received that ominous message around five hours ago and had not been able to contact her best friend since. The calls went straight to voicemail. Terrified, she’d hopped in her car and started the long drive to Louisiana.

Stifling another yawn, Nora glanced over at her GPS. If it were correct, she should reach April’s home within the next fifteen minutes. Once there, she could check on her friend, and find out what the hell was going on.

 Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a blur of yellow making a beeline for the street. She slammed on the breaks, causing the tires to squeal. A man dashed into the road, and she screamed as a loud crunch echoed through the car.

The man’s body rolled up onto her hood, colliding with the windshield. The glass cracked, and tiny spider webs erupted across the window. His body tumbled backwards, and he collapsed onto the pavement.

Nora held the steering wheel like a vice, watching in horror as he hit the pavement with an unforgiving thump. He rolled and attempted to get up, but quickly fell back to the blacktop. She held her breath, waiting for him to get up, but he didn’t. Her heart dropped and she took a shaky breath in.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

Pulse thrumming in her ears, she pushed her door open and unbuckled her seatbelt. Her eyes stayed transfixed on the deathly still person. Nausea rolled through her stomach, and she gagged on bile when she saw the awkward angle of his arm. Her knees wobbled as she forced her feet forward.

“Please be okay. Please don’t be dead,” she mumbled as she approached him.

Blood oozed into his brown hair, streaking the cocoa strands with red. His chest rose and fell in shallow, uneven, breaths. The man coughed, groaning as he rolled. He placed a trembling hand on the road as he attempted to sit up again.

“Thank god you’re not dead! Are you okay? I’m not sure you should be moving,” Nora babbled as she held her hands out unsure if she should touch him or not.

He twisted, his emerald green eyes connecting with hers. Red dribbled out of his nose, pooling on his lips.

“Who are you?” he coughed, struggling to his feet.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay. Gah. I need to call the police. You need to get to a hospital,” she rambled. Heat crept over her cheeks at her own stupidity. She’d hit a man, he needed medical help. How was he even standing? Why hadn’t she brought her phone with her?

“No!” he yelled, clamping his good hand around her wrist.

Nora jumped at his outburst. Her eyes widened, and pulse kicked up a notch.

“No,” he said quieter. “I…I don’t have insurance. Please, just help me get out of here. Give me a ride to a motel or something. What’s your name?”

Nora stared down at his fingers that still encircled her wrist. Tiny knicks marred his skin. As she continued to assess him, she saw a large gash along his cheekbone, and blood covered his yellow shirt and  dark wash jeans. His left shoulder and arm were mangled, but she couldn’t tell if it was broken or dislocated.

Realizing he was still waiting for an answer to his question, she said, “Nora, Nora Jamison.”

“I’m Daniel McKinley. I think we should get out of here, Nora.” His eyes scanned the tree line to her right and she followed his gaze.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked. “I can call an ambulance—”

“No. Come on,” he snapped, hobbling forward and pulling her along with him.

Nora gaped as he stumbled to the passenger door and jerked it open. Yelling erupted from the trees, sending cold chills down her spine. Swallowing, she surveyed the brush. Her breath caught in her throat as three men emerged from the tree line, followed by a large white wolf. How is that even possible, she faltered, eyes transfixed on the large creature.

Nora flinched as the wolf howled and the three men bounded toward them. She took a few steps back, her feet faltering as her butt met her car. Pushing off the steel, she whirled around, and sprinted to the driver’s side door. A loud crackle rippled through the air, followed by a groan. Daniel slumped to the ground as  his body contorted.

Horrified, Nora watched through the open door as his yellow shirt tore free from his body. Reddish-brown hair erupted onto his back. He positioned himself on his hands and knees seconds before his back jolted upwards. Another snap sounded, followed by a howl as he sprung forward.

Nora clamped a hand over her mouth as she watched the man become a wolf. She closed her eyes, and opened them again, still not believing. Yet, the wolf remained where the man had been. He lunged at the other wolf catching him mid air, and driving him to the ground.

A sob tore through her throat and she ripped her car door open. Sliding in, she was about to pull the door shut when an arm grabbed the handle, tearing it from her grasp. Warm, calloused, hands wrapped around her left forearm, and hauled her out of the vehicle. Her attacker yanked her into his firm body, holding her tight.

Frantic, Nora kicked her feet, struggling against the man in every which way, hoping to break free. Another man approached, easily dodging her swinging limbs.

“Get off me,” she screamed, throwing her head back as hard as she could. It hit something hard, and the man behind her grumbled obscenities. Lurching forward, she reeled back again, ignoring the pain slicing through her skull as it connected with the man. The assailant stumbled, his grip loosening ever so slightly. Unwilling to give up, Nora lifted her foot, and slammed her heel down. The man’s arms let go, and she ran forward, using her momentum, she ran straight for the other man. Raising her hands to her face, she swung her right leg instead, catching him off guard as she connected her foot with his manhood. The man cupped himself, and groaned, falling to his knees.

Her triumph was short lived as a strong grip wrapped around her torso. No! She bucked against her attacker to no avail.

“You’re going to pay for that you stupid, little, bitch,” the man rasped in her ear.

You’re a fighter, Nora, Fight!

Nora thrashed in his arms, but his hold was unforgiving. The man behind her stiffened, his fingers dug into her arms. Snapping her head up, she gasped as she watched the reddish-brown wolf tear into the man she’d kicked only moments ago. The man gurgled, sputtering as he coughed. Crimson poured from his mouth as his body trembled. The wolf growled and turned toward them.

“You don’t want to hurt her do you?” the man sneered as the reddish-brown wolf approached. “You’ll have to come through her to get to me.”

Nora whimpered, cringing away from the man as his hot breath blasted against her neck.

The wolf snarled, baring his massive, white, canines. Nora halted her movements, eyes transfixed on the wolf’s golden eyes. His head cocked to the side, watching her, then he lunged.

Nora shrieked as she was tossed to the side. Her hands rose up to protect her face, but it was too late. Nora’s forehead smacked against the edge of the door. Her vision clouded, then went black.

Daniel snapped his jaws as he dove at the man. Like a coward, the human threw the girl out of the way, and spun around to flee to the woods. Daniel grunted as he jumped, nails outstretched and tackled him to the ground. His jaws clamped around the man’s neck, and with one quick twist, the bones crunched.

With a grunt, he pulled back. His body throbbed and breaths came in unsteady, labored, pants. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath in and hobbled over ensuring that the three men and wolf were in fact dead. Satisfied, he sniffed at the young woman. The metallic stench of blood invaded his senses, and he whined as he inspected her. There was a laceration just above her eyebrow. He nuzzled her, relieved to see that her chest rose and fell evenly.

Daniel took a step back and lowered himself to the ground. Gritting his teeth, he whimpered as his broken body snapped, the bones realigning as he transformed. He stood up with a grimace, and stretched his stiff limbs.

Limping, he walked over to the closest man, and quickly removed his shoes and then tugged his jeans down. He was sure the young woman was going to have lots of questions when she awoke, and he assumed it would go a lot better if he were wearing pants. The last thing he wanted was to frighten her anymore than she already was. After he pulled the jeans on, he took the black tee off the man whose neck he had snapped. Setting the socks and shoes in the car, he carefully lifted the woman into his arms, and laid her across the back seat.

Daniel took a moment to look over the unconscious woman. Her copper hair fell in soft waves. Light freckles were sprinkled across her cheeks and nose. The scared amber eyes that had been alert only moments ago were now shut. Her breathing was even, and aside from a few red marks on her creamy skin, the only visible injury to her was the cut above her brow. She should be okay, he thought, at least he hoped she would be.

One way or another, she was involved in all of this now. It was his duty to keep her safe.


Happy Reading,





Bethany Shaw is a sensational story teller. The words just simply come to her  as her fingers flow over her keyboard…thus how each of her novels are created.

In 2013 Shaw released her debut novel Out of the Shadows. Which is Book 1 of the Werewolf Wars Series .  This novel introduces the reader into the world of  werewolves. It is the love story of Devon and Lark. Book 2, Into the Unknown is Gene’s love story (released January 2014).  But all is not rosy. There are some bad guy wolves out there…  who will win this war after all???

Well, we will have to just ‘Get our READ on’ and see…

Series Rating 



5.0 Rosebuds of Writing Raves

This novel is takes the reader right into the novels themselves. One feels like they are right in the middle of the scenes taking place. Whether it be a day to day activity on the farm, working at the Cookie Jar, going up against the bad wolves, or even a fly on the wall when the Hero and Heroine have romantic rendezvous.  Each novel picks up where the last leaves off, time frame of the story falls perfectly in place. Wolves are pack animals. Family is very important to them. When reading, the reader will gain a sense of how important this is to the Harris family. The Heroines are Brave, Intelligent, Independent women. The Heroes are Hot  and Hunky as well as stopping at nothing to protect their family and love ones. Each chapter will capture the readers heart just a little more. These novels ado not only contain romance, but they also are filled with suspense. Each new chapter dealing with the warring pack is filled with twists and turns in this fight between good and evil…



With war comes loss. Yet, love and family bonds the Harris Pack so that they can get through the toughest and the happiest times.  For some life and  love begins, for others it ends…but they are  never forgotten. Those you love will be in your heart forever…


5.0 Romance Rave

YES!!!! Some of the scenes between the Heroes and Heroines are pretty dang SEXY!!! Into the Unknown seemed to be a bit more on the sexy side in this reviewers opinion. Yet, there is more to physical love. There is trust, friendship, caring and wanting to protect the one your heart connects with. Romance in the series is emotional. With the war between the packs, is love enough to survive all that is happening to them? When the heart connects love blooms in a way that is tender and passionate. Just know that the Heroines can stand up for themselves. They are strong, smart and want to protect their men and family, just as much as the men want to protect them…


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