A New Face To Love by Mandee Mae Blog Tour and Review

A New Face To Love

Author Mandee Mae

Erotic Romance

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NFTL Cover

Release Date: November 18, 2013

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Jamie is filled with heartache from her past. She tries to move on, but her heart never

completely heals.

She’s shaken to her core when a brief encounter has her feeling things she thought she’d lost.

Should she take a chance on her sexy friend who might want more than just friendship or does

she finally discover who this unknown man is and what exactly it is that he wants?

Follow Jamie as she discovers her friend’s true feelings for her and the decision she is forced to

make when she finally discovers who the stranger really is. The decision is one that will change

her life forever.

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Excerpt 1:

“Yes, I was supposed to be out of town all weekend. I wasn’t due back until tomorrow


I sit back on the couch, leaning against the arm rest, facing him so I can watch him when he

talks. “Okay, so why are you back? You haven’t answered my other question yet either. Why were you

at my house?”

He raises my legs and scoots back on the couch, laying my legs across his lap and starts rubbing,

back and forth, up to my knees and back down to my ankles. “Do you want the honest truth or what I

think you want to hear?”

Duh! “Honesty, Caleb, always honesty.” I tilt my head sideways, trying to figure out what he is

about to tell me.

He turns his head and looks me square in the eyes. “I came back because I saw there was a

bad storm getting ready to hit.” Rubs up, then down. “I came back because I know you are terrified of

storms.” Rubs up, then down “I came back because I missed you. I came back because during the last

two years, I have always been with you during a storm. I went to your house to stay with you, but when I

drove up and saw that tree had fallen through your living room, it scared the hell out of me and I had to

make sure you were alright.”

There’s something else in his eyes. Something he’s not telling me, but I’m not going to push him

on the issue. I haven’t seen that look on his face before and I don’t know what to think about it.

“Thank you, Caleb. Thank you for always being there for me, for always knowing what I need

and when I need it. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.” And I don’t.

In the last two years, he’s done more for me than any other man. I pull my legs away from

him and get up on my knees and scoot over next to him and wrap my arms around his neck. He brings

his arms around me, pulling me in closer, causing me to fall forward landing on his lap. I have my face

buried in the crook of his neck and his in mine. We just sit there, holding each other while the storm

goes on around us. Something has changed in Caleb, but having him hold me like this feels good. It feels

right. As soon as I think that I have a feeling of guilt wash over me. Gerrit.


Excerpt 2:

Ah, what the hell. “Sure, might as well get the full package.” I swing my legs off the couch and go sit in

front of him on the floor. I push the coffee table out of the way so I can extend my legs.

“Scoot up a little, you’re too far back.” I scoot forward just a bit. “Okay, that’s perfect.” He takes his

hands and pulls back my hair so it lays in between my shoulders, out of his way and starts in. As soon as

he places his hands on my shoulders, I can feel the warmth go through me. What is it with him and his

hands? It doesn’t take long before my mind is in the gutter, if you know what I mean.

“Seriously, that feels so good. I may never let you leave. I’ll just quit my job and you can do this all the


 He chuckles after that leaves my mouth. “That could be arranged, if you like.” He works his magic up

to the base of my neck where I can feel the most tension, leaning my head forward so he can get to it

better. I let out a breath and then quickly realize it wasn’t just a breath, but a moan. Oh, God. What is he

doing to me? I know he heard it to because his hands paused just long enough that I could notice. I lean

forward, bracing my hands in front of me while he works his way down my back as far as he can and

then back up. He moves my hair off to one side and leans down and kisses my neck. One single, soft kiss.

And then there’s another, right behind my ear.

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Author Bio:

author pic

Mandee resides in Illinois. She is a wife and mother of two. She has just started in

 the writing world within the last year. Her husband and children encouraged her

 to take that leap of faith and start writing. She writes Adult Romance stories, for

 now. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Mandee loves to spend

 a great deal of time outdoors in the summer. In the winter she likes to curl up

with good book, or a computer planning her next book adventure.

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Connect With Mandee:


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DM Cover


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One Click these Novels today, and ENJOY the READ… I AM!  Anna



The first book in this series by Mandee Mae is Distant Myles. Both novels can be read as stand-alone and that is how I am currently reading,

A New Face to Love.  In both novels Amelia and Jamie are best friends. They are traveling nurses and met through their job. Both characters

have a wonderful sense of humor and are as close as sisters. Apparently two years ago, Amelia and Jamie visited Galveston, Texas for vacation. While there they

met two attractive guys. Their job was able to relocate with them, so for the past two years Texas has been there new home. During vacation Jamie was picking up some groceries and felt watched, and she was. Now two years later and at the same grocery store, she tells Amelia that Mystery Man is back. They quickly pay for

their purchase and leave the store as fast as they can. Both are freaked out. Amelia takes Jamie home, then goes to her own home (where apparently vacation love turned into serious love for Amelia and Myles). Jamie calls Caleb over and he stays the night.

Around a month or so later Jamie is out taking a walk in the park and feels that odd feeling of being watched again. Then she sees Mystery Man coming toward her. While trying to get away, she trips. After a few short words with this man, whose eyes look so familiar, she faints and wakes in his home.

Now she feels that pull toward him that she felt in High School.  Yet, what about Caleb? She knows that both men care for her. But which one will she choose.

The love she thought she had lost forever or the one that is such a good friend ?

New Image

I give the novel 3 1/2 roses. Story-line is straight forward, Characters are interesting and entertaining. There are a few grammar/spelling errors, but if you are enjoying the read, those can be overlooked.

3 .5 book  romance review

Romance in the novel receives 3 1/2  lips/roses.  It was awhile before romance actually happened in the novel. When it does, Jamie is confused on who she actually loves. When she finally made her decision, I was surprised at who she choose. You will have to read the book to find out if who she chose. Will it be Gerrit or Caleb?


Thank You for Reading, Anna

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