Ranking of a Book Review

rose rating for reviews

I will use a single red rose when I review romances (Of course so far that’s all I review). Novels will be reviewed to see if they have a well developed plot and well rounded characters, and also on the over all feel of the novel.

tear book review image

I am an emotional reader. Yes! I blubber when reading novels. Being a sensitive person, I often get my emotions get wrapped up in the story. We all have different thoughts on books, while I just may cry and snuffle through one novel or a particular scene, you the reader could feel the total opposite. Yet, for other emotional readers such as myself, I will try and let you know if tissues are needed, and how many for a certain novel. Teardrops will  be used to represent (at least how much I cried through a certain novel).


Now for ROMANCE. How Spicy, Hot, and Exciting is the novel? These symbols will be used to represent how Romantic the novel is. Contemporary romance novels will get heart and rose combinations, while racier and more erotic reads will be represented by the lips.

i325035103_38763_5Rating scale goes from 1 to 5. The more symbols a novel receives, the more romantic and entertaining read.

thCABFFH77 Reviews are based on my own thoughts and opinions. I have not been paid to read, review, or blog about any of the books that I post on this site. I am a person who just enjoys reading, with romance being my favorite genre. One day I hope to be an author, and this is my way of seeing what real authors go through, how they share their novels with the world, and what material is being written.

Happy Reading & Writing, Anna :)

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